Embedded Systems

embed syst2

An embedded system is a computer system that covers a specific application and usually has several key advantages over a standard computer system (i.e. PC and Servers), such as lower power consumption, energy efficiency and overall performance. Recently a new trend is the use of embedded systems in sensor and wireless connected smart devices. Especially, low power sensing embedded systems are today enabling the wave of Internet of Things, where billion or devices will be deployed in our everyday life.  

With more than 10 years experiences on low power embedded systems, sensors, micro-scale energy harvesting, firmware/software for embedded systems and wireless communication, at the Microelectronics Design Center we can:

  • Help you to address challenges on the design of novel and research-oriented embedded systems. 
  • Help you with your research projects that use sensors, wireless communication. 
  • Build your low power embedded system able to process data (i.e. from sensors) directly on embedded microcontrollers/FPGA/processors.
  • Select the right sensors and embedded processors to suit your target application.
  • Help you with hardware and software co-design of embedded systems and embedded systems applications. 
  • Support you to achieve self-suitable wireless sensor node using micro-scale energy harvesting
  • Work with you to debug problems, perform design reviews, share tips and tricks.
  • Find groups within the ETH Zürich that have experience in running similar applications.

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