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dz address

Our surface mail address is

Mikroelekronik Design Zentrum
ETZ Zentrum J60.1
Gloriastrasse 35,
CH-8092 Zürich

You can find us in office J60.1 on the J Floor of the ETZ building in the central campus of ETH Zürich. The building is accessible by public transport using Tram 5 and Tram 6 between the stops "Voltastrasse" and "Platte".

To contact individual members please check out our About Us page. The general e-mail of the group is dz (at) ethz ch

Employment opportunities

None at the moment

Study and Internship opportunities

We are a small support group within ETH Zürich and can not offer any internships. While we are involved in teaching, we are not the right place to contact for prospective master or Ph.D. students