Microelectronics Design Center of ETH Zürich

DZ on a chip recol

We will try our best to help our users in these difficult times. Please reach us by e-mail dz@ethz.ch

We are a technical support group of the Department of Information Technologies and Electrical Engineering (D-ITET) providing design tools, know-how and licenses for ASIC, FPGA, Embedded Systems and PCB design for research and teaching. The Microelectronics Design Center (shortly called DZ for Designzentrum) can help all members of D-ITET and the ETH Zürich community with:

  • Designing your own ASIC, provide you with tools, licenses, design environment, advise you on the feasibility, helping you get your ASIC manufactured
  • Developing your own embedded system solutions based on FPGAs, microprocessors, and microcontrollers for control, measurement, and/or other emerging IoT applications. We offer advice on solutions and best practices
  • Enhancing your embedded systems  with low power design, sensor interfaces, micro-scale energy harvesting and wireless communication solutions.
  • Getting your PCBs designed, reviewed, manufactured and assembled.
  • Lectures on technical subjects, practical exercises, trainings and tutorials
  • Supporting startup companies of ETH Zurich on their way to their first designs, inform them about different possibilities

For technical information, please refer to EDA-Wiki which is accessible within the ETH Domain.